Angela’s Testimonial

00:08 I was involved in a major motor vehicle
00:14 accident where I sustained multiple
00:17 injuries that led to me being
00:19 hospitalized for a period of time sent
00:21 to a skilled nursing facility and
00:23 resulting in subsequent health issues I
00:25 was worried about my medical bills the
00:29 time that I was missing from work
00:30 replacing my vehicle and also how long
00:33 it was going to take to settle the case
00:35 Robert Keller’s office was able to get
00:39 the maximum amount from both my my car
00:43 insurance as well as the at-fault car
00:45 insurance and we were able to settle the
00:48 case within about a year so I was very
00:50 pleased with that unfortunately I was
00:53 involved in another motor vehicle
00:55 accident and my first phone call after I
00:58 was home and safe was to call Robert
01:01 Keller’s offices to obtain their
01:04 services once again to help me with this
01:06 current case I would definitely
01:08 recommend their services to any friends
01:10 or family as it’s an easy process and
01:13 very stress-free and they handle
01:15 everything for you and
01:18 (Music)
01:24 (Music)

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