Slip and Fall

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident? Did you fall in a public place or while visiting someone’s private property?

You could be entitled to compensation for your injuries, including the cost of your medical care.

Statistics show slip and fall injuries are one of the primary causes of ER visits and not a day goes by that someone is not injured because of a fall. Many slip and fall accidents occur because property owners fail to maintain their property.

Slip and fall accidents can occur indoors or outside. Whether there are maintenance issues or extreme weather conditions, slip and fall injuries can happen in an instant and be very serious.

What are some common slip and fall accidents?

  • Stairway accidents
  • Sidewalk falls
  • Bathtub and shower falls
  • Falls from balconies or other elevated areas
  • Wet or slippery floor falls

How Do You Know You Have a Legal Claim?

In a nutshell, if you fall while on someone else’s property, you might have a legal claim. Much of whether or not you’ll be entitled to compensation depends on the cause of your fall.

For instance, if you trip over your untied shoelace, you’re responsible for your injuries. However, if you fall because of an unmarked wet floor or because a sidewalk was not shoveled outside of a business, you’d likely have a right to take legal action.

It’s also important to determine whether or not there were previous complaints about a hazard. If a property owner was negligent or did or did not do something that contributed to your injuries, the likelihood increases you’ll receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Have You Been Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?

The first thing you should do after falling is to seek medical attention. Even if it seems as if your injuries are minor, it’s still important to see a doctor. Injuries might not be obvious for some time after a fall, and in some cases, you could have a fractured or broken bone without any pain or other symptoms.

If you’ve been injured after slipping and falling, you’ll need to build a strong case that proves your claim. We can help.

We’ll assist you in gathering evidence from the scene of the accident, and we’ll speak with any witnesses to your fall. We’ll also speak to the doctors who treated you and review any accident reports related to your fall.

Property owners are legally obligated to ensure their premises are safe. If you’re injured in a slip and fall accident, you could have a right to compensation. We’ll review your case and determine the best way for you to proceed.

For more information or to speak to someone about a slip and fall incident that injured you or a loved one, contact the Law Office of Robert M. Geller at (813) 337-7798.

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