How can I recover if I’m injured at a business or residence as a result of being a victim of crimina

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00:11 hello my name is Robert Geller and I am
00:15 the founding Attorney of Los Robert M
00:17 Geller PA our firm has been helping
00:21 people with personal injury matters for
00:24 over 30 years and if you ever need an
00:28 attorney for a personal injury matter
00:30 please contact our firm today I want to
00:33 speak with you about what you can do if
00:36 you become a victim of a crime an
00:41 assault or a battery of a business
00:44 property or even at a residence so what
00:49 is the law that provides you the right
00:53 to make a recovery well in Florida a
00:56 business owner a property owner has a
01:00 duty to protect you from foreseeable
01:03 criminal conduct and how does an
01:07 attorney prove that there is foreseeable
01:11 criminal conduct one of the best ways
01:13 that we do it is we look at fire police
01:16 reports we look at prior crimes that
01:18 occur in a location to show that there
01:23 is foreseeability that another crime
01:25 will occur other ways that we can prove
01:28 that a business owner did not protect
01:33 you from foreseeable criminal conduct is
01:35 we can show through experts that the
01:38 business owner should provide you with
01:42 security armed security if necessary the
01:46 business owner should provide proper
01:48 lighting did not provide you with proper
01:50 lighting the business owner did not do
01:53 all the necessary things to protect you
01:56 from those foreseeable crimes that they
01:58 should have known about from just
02:00 knowing about the crimes that occurred
02:02 on their property some of the examples
02:05 of the cases that our firm has handled
02:09 involve people who have been assaulted
02:12 at a parking garage we’ve had a case
02:14 once where an individual
02:16 was attacked and beaten at a parking
02:19 garage and after our firm was contacted
02:22 we pulled the police reports and we were
02:25 able to pull police report after police
02:27 report after police report of people
02:30 breaking in to the cars in that parking
02:32 garage and through the litigation of
02:35 that case we found out that there was
02:39 video surveillance in the parking garage
02:42 but the problem was the video
02:43 surveillance only showed that they were
02:46 protecting their elevators and when I
02:48 got a chance to speak to the president
02:52 of that company I asked him well why did
02:54 you only have video surveillance of your
02:55 elevators and not the rest of the
02:57 parking garage his answer was well we
03:00 were trying to protect our property they
03:01 didn’t care about protecting our clients
03:04 from getting attacked in their parking
03:06 garage that’s one example another
03:08 example of a case that our firm handled
03:12 unfortunately for our client which she
03:15 was attacked and raped in her apartment
03:19 and we brought a case against the
03:22 apartment complex for not protecting our
03:24 client and we found out through
03:27 discovery and through the litigation
03:29 process that there were a lot of other
03:31 crimes that occurred at that apartment
03:33 complex and we ultimately found out that
03:36 just the day before our client was
03:38 attacked the apartment complex failed to
03:43 pay for the alarm system that my client
03:46 was promised when she rented the
03:47 apartment was actually cancelled
03:50 before so had that alarm system work she
03:52 might have been protected from this
03:56 criminal
03:57 attack finally one of the things that we
03:59 found out is that the place was so
04:02 dangerous that the vending machines at
04:05 the apartment complex for constantly
04:07 being stolen we found out that
04:10 information from one of the employees of
04:12 the apartment complex so if you are ever
04:16 a victim of any kind of criminal attack
04:19 either at a business location or in a
04:21 residence please contact The Lofts
04:25 Robert M Geller we’d like to help you
04:27 thank you
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