How can we bring a claim for burn injury caused by someone else

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00:12 hi my name is Frank papa
00:14 and I’m an attorney with the Law Offices
00:15 of Robert M Keller but just a moment
00:18 when I speak to you about how to bring
00:19 the claim if you are burned by someone
00:21 else before I do that if you have an
00:24 injury matter that you’d like to discuss
00:25 with an attorney please feel free to
00:26 give us a call you’re happy to sit down
00:28 with you in a free consultation to
00:29 discuss your matter now if you’re burned
00:33 by someone else you can bring a claim
00:36 for damages and the standard would be if
00:39 that person who caused your burn acted
00:41 reasonably under like circumstances it’s
00:45 a general negligence claim and what that
00:47 means is that we have to prove certain
00:48 things to recover damages for your
00:50 injury we have to prove a duty by the
00:53 person who burned you or caused that
00:55 burn that’s usually a duty of reasonable
00:57 care meaning that they should have
00:59 reasonably took consideration for the
01:01 fioor care before they caused that
01:02 dangerous situation that caused the burn
01:04 they have to breach that duty which
01:06 means that they failed to protect you
01:08 from that harmful situation that harmful
01:11 situation and their breach of that
01:13 caused or damages which is causation and
01:16 that you were damaged that you suffered
01:18 a burn that resulted in medical
01:19 treatment and medical damages you hadn’t
01:22 handled a number of burn cases after Law
01:24 Offices of Robert on Keller
01:25 if you come to mine there was a very
01:28 nice lady a little Italian grandmother
01:30 I’m Italian so and it feel family about
01:32 her she was about five feet tall very
01:34 sweet and she was undergoing a shorter
01:37 surgery at a local hospital she was in
01:39 the hospital bed and had her arm
01:41 restrained fully restrained so that she
01:43 couldn’t even feed herself the hospital
01:46 failed to give her any assistance with
01:47 feeding when she asked the 19 year old
01:50 nursing tech to heat up her coffee she
01:53 brought it back
01:54 scalding at an untenable temperature and
01:57 left it on the edge of her bed table
01:59 unfortunately that Styrofoam cup melted
02:01 collapsed on my client and burned her
02:04 through her clothing she had second and
02:06 third degree burns because the nurses
02:07 couldn’t remove the gown because of her
02:10 restrained arm
02:11 we brought a claim against the hospital
02:12 and they settled without going to trial
02:15 I’ve had another case with a little
02:17 young toddler in a daycare facility
02:18 where there wasn’t proper supervision
02:21 and the toddler wandered into the
02:23 chemical closet of the daycare and
02:25 somehow got into commercial bleach and
02:28 the commercial bleach burned his little
02:30 thigh and the mother didn’t realize
02:31 until she got him home because he was
02:33 screaming and screaming didn’t know what
02:35 happened until she saw the bleached
02:37 clothing we brought that claim and they
02:39 also settled we also had a nice young
02:42 girl who was at our first semester of
02:44 college and she was attending a parade
02:46 on campus and a college frat boy decided
02:49 to be a good idea to make homemade
02:51 fireworks they don’t work out too much
02:53 the firework exploded and hot fluid
02:57 scalded her clients face and chest to
02:59 where she had to have procedures to
03:01 remediate the scarring we brought that
03:04 case and that case almost went to trial
03:06 but they also settled as well so we’ve
03:08 handled some very interesting burn cases
03:09 in our career here at lobsters Robert
03:11 Geller I certainly hope you’re never
03:13 burned but if you or someone in your
03:15 family has been burned please feel free
03:17 to give us a cloud any time to come in
03:18 and discuss that potential claim they
03:20 have to sit down with you in a free
03:21 consultation and see if we can do
03:23 something for you in regards to bringing
03:24 that quantity thank you so much for this
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