How To Pay For a Personal Injury Attorney

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00:11 hi my name is Frank papa and I’m an
00:14 attorney with the Law Offices of Robert
00:15 Geller for nearly 20 years now just a
00:18 moment talk to you about how you can pay
00:20 for your services of a personal injury
00:21 attorney but before I do if you have a
00:23 case that you’re considering please feel
00:24 free to call us we’re always happy to
00:26 sit down with you in a free consultation
00:27 to discuss any personal injury matter
00:29 you might have so when I mean with
00:31 clients and I learn OPI cases for sundry
00:34 cases auto accident cases that may have
00:36 happened some months ago many of my
00:38 clients tell me I never saw an attorney
00:40 because I thought I’d have to pay them
00:42 for a baton if I’d have to pay them at
00:43 fun that’s not true the person jamadar
00:46 our fee is based on a contingency what
00:49 that means is that our fee is contingent
00:51 upon recovering money for you so you pay
00:53 nothing unless we recover something for
00:55 you we forward all cost of services on
00:58 your behalf so we’ll pay for doctors
01:00 records will pay for deposition
01:02 transcripts we’ll pay that out of our
01:03 own funds and those get reimbursed upon
01:05 a recovery we make a promise to you that
01:09 we will not charge more than what you
01:11 will recover on your net proceeds from
01:13 your injury case we always want our
01:14 clients to make up better than us we
01:17 also assist you with property damage
01:18 property damage is not normally included
01:20 in the normal retainer for a personal
01:22 injury matter that’s the damage to your
01:23 vehicle caused by the other party and
01:25 sometimes the insurance companies like
01:26 to play games do not give you the full
01:28 value we will assist you with that as a
01:30 courtesy as part of our representations
01:32 we also attempt to reduce your medical
01:35 bills as well sometimes doctors treat
01:38 you on what’s called a letter of
01:39 protection which means they forward
01:41 services if they’re not fully paid by
01:43 your insurance coverage those bills are
01:45 recovered back to code by the doctor at
01:47 the end of the case rather than paying
01:49 the full value we will attempt to reduce
01:51 those bill 40 bills for you if there is
01:53 a basis for such we also reduce medical
01:56 liens medically me if you had health
01:58 insurance for example that paid for
02:00 medical treatment above and beyond your
02:03 insurance coverage through your auto
02:04 carrier those liens must be paid because
02:08 it would be a double recovery if you
02:09 recovered past medical damages from the
02:11 auto insurance carrier and damages from
02:14 your own health insurance carrier so we
02:16 would attempt to reduce that lien as
02:18 well at no
02:19 to you those are just some of the things
02:21 that we are happy to do to assist our
02:22 clients in a personal injury matter so
02:24 please feel free to give us a call at
02:26 the lofts of rovno Mackellar to assist
02:27 you with any injury you might have thank
02:29 you
02:35 you

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