How To Pay For a Personal Injury Attorney

Transcription - How To Pay For a Personal Injury Attorney:

Hi my name is Frank Papa and I'm an attorney with the Law Offices of Robert M. Geller for nearly 20 years now. Just a moment talk to you about how you can pay for your services of a personal injury attorney. Before I do, if you have a case that you're considering, please feel free to call us. We're happy to sit down with you in a free consultation to discuss any personal injury matter you might have. When I meet with clients and I learn of PI cases (personal injury cases), auto accident cases that may have happened some months ago, many of my clients tell me, "I never saw an attorney because I thought I'd have to pay them for their time if I'd have to pay them up front.

That's not true. In a person injury matter, our fee is based on a contingency. What that means is that our fee is contingent upon recovering money for you, so you pay nothing unless we recover something for you. We forward all costs of services on your behalf, so we'll pay for doctors records, we'll pay for deposition, and transcripts. We'll pay that out of our own funds and those get reimbursed upon a recovery. We make a promise to you that we will not charge more than what you will recover on your net proceeds from your injury case. We always want our clients to make out better than us.

Our team will also assist you with property damage. Property damage is not normally included in the normal retainer for a personal injury matter. That's the damage to your vehicle caused by the other party. Sometimes the insurance companies like to play games and do not give you the full value. We will assist you with that as a courtesy as part of our representations.

We also attempt to reduce your medical bills as well. Sometimes doctors treat you on what's called a letter of protection. This means they forward services if they're not fully paid by your insurance company. Those bills are recovered back to code by the doctor at the end of the case. Rather than paying full value, we will attempt to reduce bills for you if there is a basis for such.

We also reduce medical liens. Medical liens would be if you had health insurance, for example, that paid for medical treatment above and beyond your insurance coverage through your auto carrier. Those liens must be paid because it would be a double recovery if you recovered past medical damages from the auto insurance carrier and damages from your own health insurance carrier. So we would attempt to reduce that lien as well at no cost to you.

Those are just some of the things we are happy to do to assist our clients in a personal injury matter. Give us a call at The Law Offices of Robert Geller to assist you with any injury you might have. Thank you.

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