Motorcycle Accident vs Vehicle Accident

Motorcycle Accident - Transcription:
Hello, my name is Robert Geller and I am the founder of the Law Offices of Robert M Geller PA. Today I want to speak with you briefly about the differences between a motorcycle accident and an automobile accident. If you ever need an attorney for a motorcycle accident, automobile accident, or any kind of accident case, please contact our firm. We've been helping clients for over 30 years handle injury cases.

So, what are the differences between a motorcycle accident and an automobile accident? I think it's important. The biggest difference is in Florida you are required, if you own an automobile, to carry what is called personal injury protection. Personal injury protection covers you if you're involved in an automobile accident and you're driving in an automobile. What that means is that if you're involved in that accident, your own insurance company is required to pay a certain amount of your medical bills, your lost wages, and any other medical expenses related to your automobile accident.

We buy coverage that pays for that for ourselves from our own insurance company. So if you get hurt and you're out of work you file a claim with your own insurance company for your lost wages. If you have medical bills you file a claim with your own insurance company for your medical bills. Well, that's a little bit different than a motorcycle in Florida.

Suggestions from Robert M. Geller

Motorcycle drivers do not have to carry any type of insurance. If you're hurt in a motorcycle accident you have to pursue the responsible party to cover your medical bills, to cover your lost wages, and to cover your pain and suffering. You cannot go to your own insurance company because, unless you bought that insurance, there's nobody to pay. My best advice to you: if you're a motorcyclist, I would highly recommend you buy insurance to protect yourself. It's not required, but I would suggest that you do that.

The other thing I would suggest is unfortunately if you're on a motorcycle-automobile crashes tend to be even more serious. In Florida, you can buy as a motorcycle driver uninsured motorist coverage. It will protect you if the automobile insurance or the automobile driver does not have adequate insurance or any insurance to cover your medical bills, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering. That is the main difference between motorcycle accidents and automobile accidents.

Do you need an attorney for our automobile accident or a motorcycle accident? Please contact the Law Offices of Robert M Geller. Thank you.

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