Motorcycle Accident vs Vehicle Accident

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00:11 hello my name is Robert Geller and I am
00:15 the founder of the lofts of Robert M
00:17 Geller PA and today I want to speak with
00:21 you briefly about the differences
00:24 between a motorcycle accident and an
00:26 automobile accident if you ever need an
00:30 attorney for a motorcycle accident
00:32 automobile accident or any kind of
00:34 accident case please contact our firm
00:38 we’ve been helping clients for over 30
00:41 years
00:41 handle injury cases so what are the
00:44 differences between a motorcycle
00:46 accident and an automobile accident well
00:48 I think it’s important the biggest
00:51 difference is in Florida you are
00:54 required if you own an automobile to
00:57 carry what is called personal injury
01:00 protection personal injury protection
01:02 covers you if you’re involved in an
01:05 automobile accident and you’re driving
01:06 in an automobile so what that means is
01:10 that if you’re involved in that accident
01:13 your own insurance company is required
01:17 to pay a certain amount of your medical
01:21 bills your lost wages and any other
01:24 medical expenses related to your
01:26 automobile accident we actually buy
01:28 coverage that pays for that for
01:31 ourselves from our own insurance company
01:32 so if you get hurt and you’re out of
01:36 work you file a claim with your own
01:38 insurance company for your lost wages if
01:41 you have medical bills you file a claim
01:43 with your own insurance company for your
01:47 medical bills well that’s a little bit
01:50 different than a motorcycle in Florida
01:52 motorcycle drivers do not have to carry
01:56 any type of insurance so if you’re hurt
02:00 in a motorcycle accident you have to
02:05 pursue the responsible party to cover
02:09 your medical bills to cover your lost
02:11 wages to cover your pain and suffering
02:13 you cannot go to your own insurance
02:16 company because unless you bought that
02:18 insurance
02:20 there’s nobody to pay so what is my best
02:23 advice to you in that situation if
02:25 you’re a motorcycle driver I would
02:27 highly recommend that you actually buy
02:29 insurance that would actually protect
02:31 yourself it’s not required but I would
02:33 suggest that you do that the other thing
02:36 I would suggest is unfortunately if
02:39 you’re on a motorcycle and you’re
02:41 involved in a crash with an automobile
02:44 those types of accidents tend to be even
02:47 more serious
02:49 so in Florida you can actually buy as a
02:52 motorcycle driver uninsured motorist
02:55 coverage that will protect you if the
02:58 automobile insurance or the automobile
03:00 driver does not have adequate insurance
03:02 or any insurance to cover your medical
03:05 bills your lost wages your pain and
03:08 suffering that is the main differences
03:11 between motorcycle accidents and
03:13 automobile accidents so if you need an
03:16 attorney for our automobile accident or
03:18 a motorcycle accident please contact the
03:21 Law Offices of Robert M Gaylord
03:22 thank you
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