Mr And Mrs Fleming’s Testimonial

00:04 (Music)
00:11 I have Charles Fleming and this is my
00:14 wife Katherine I was involved in a very
00:18 serious accident on March 9th and I was
00:25 in the hospital for two days when I came
00:27 home I was drugs and stuff so my wife
00:34 took it upon herself to call attorney
00:37 Robert Geller to take care of us because
00:42 uh we definitely needed help so my wife
00:48 took over for me yes we were quite
00:54 surprised when he got in the accident
00:55 and they were going to rush them down to
00:58 Tampa general due to trauma and broken
01:01 bones and stuff like that which really
01:04 gave us a big shock
01:05 and of course panic what do we do now
01:07 and so when he came home from the
01:11 hospital I knew right away that we
01:14 needed help and we only knew one person
01:17 that we trusted and felt would do that
01:20 job for us was attorney Robert Geller
01:24 he’s an excellent lawyer or caring
01:27 lawyer and the day that I called him he
01:31 was there immediately and he spent most
01:33 of the day with my husband seeing the
01:37 injuries that he had and saw that we
01:39 were really going to go through a tough
01:41 time and we did and so he stood by us
01:46 and he supported us and told us what we
01:50 needed to do and how he could help and
01:54 we were so impressed of course as always
01:57 because we have had him as an attorney
02:00 in the past and so as my daughter
02:03 because we feel very comfortable with
02:05 him
02:06 he always tells us the truth and he
02:09 always backs us and make sure we’re well
02:11 taken care of and we knew that this was
02:16 going to be a long haul and it still is
02:18 going to be a long haul but as long as
02:21 we have somebody by our side that we can
02:23 trust and again I would say that would
02:26 be attorney Robert Keller he is such a
02:29 care loving person and we feel very
02:32 comfortable with him and I’ve had my
02:35 family recommended them to my family
02:40 which they have taken advantage of it
02:42 which was my daughter and that I would
02:44 highly recommend anybody that is looking
02:47 for a really good attorney please go to
02:51 the website attorney Robert Keller and
02:55 he will tell you what he his property
02:59 says and be able to tell you if he could
03:03 help you and if he can believe me he
03:06 will be there there will be no
03:07 hesitation and so your worries will be
03:10 over so please contact Robert Keller and
03:16 you will not regret it
03:18 (Music)

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