The Fleming’s Testimonial

I am Charles Fleming and this is my wife Katherine. I was involved in a very serious accident on March 9th and I was in the hospital for two days. When I came home I was on drugs and stuff so my wife took it upon herself to call Attorney Robert Geller to take care of us because we needed help. My wife took over for me.

Yes we were quite surprised when he got in the accident and they were going to rush him down to Tampa General due to trauma and broken bones and stuff like that which really gave us a big shock and of course panic. "What do we do now?" So when he came home from the hospital I knew right away that we needed help. We only knew one person that we trusted and felt would do that job for us - attorney Robert Geller.

He's an excellent lawyer, a caring lawyer, and the day that I called him he was there immediately. He spent most of the day with my husband seeing the injuries that he had and saw that we were really going to go through a tough time and we did. He stood by us, he supported us, and told us what we needed to do and how he could help. We were so impressed, of course, as always, because we have had him as an attorney in the past and so has my daughter because we feel very comfortable with him.

He always tells us the truth and he always backs us and makes sure we're well taken care of. We knew that this was going to be a long haul and it still is going to be a long haul. As long as we have somebody by our side that we can trust, and again, I would say that would be attorney Robert Geller. He is such a caring, loving person, and we feel very comfortable with him. I've had my family recommend them to family, which they have taken advantage of it, which was my daughter. I would highly recommend anybody who is looking for a really good attorney. Please go to the website of Attorney Robert Geller and he will tell you what he his property says and be able to tell you if he could help you. If he can believe me, he will be there. There will be no hesitation and so your worries will be over. Please contact Robert Geller and you will not regret it.

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