Personal Injury Claim Against Business or Private Property

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00:11 hi my name is Frank papa and I’m an
00:14 attorney with the law offices of rubber
00:16 M Geller just a moment I’m gonna speak
00:18 to you about how you can bring a claim
00:19 if you’re injured at a business or on
00:21 the property of someone else but before
00:23 I do if you’re considering see an
00:24 attorney about an injury that you may
00:26 have suffered please feel free to give
00:27 us a call because we’re happy to sit
00:29 down with you in a free consultation to
00:30 discuss that matter so what happens if
00:33 you are injured
00:34 that’s one else’s business or their
00:36 property well first off a business owner
00:39 owes a business invitee
00:40 a duty of reasonable care to protect
00:42 against hazardous conditions that might
00:44 cause an injury it’s not enough for you
00:48 to prove that’s the plaintiff but the
00:50 hazardous condition exists but you must
00:52 also prove that the business owner knew
00:54 of the condition and failed to remediate
00:56 it which means to fix it or remove it
00:59 enforce enforce cited or possible injury
01:02 example in some cases we have handled
01:04 over the years for business invitees
01:07 have been injured that businesses would
01:09 be a nice lady who was going into a bank
01:12 and right before she entered on the tile
01:15 walkway
01:16 they just FEMA gated for pest control
01:18 and it was damp and sniff unbeknownst to
01:21 her she slipped on that team negation
01:23 and tore some ligaments in her knee we
01:26 were able to bring that claim against
01:27 the main without having to go to trial
01:29 and settle that case for a good result
01:31 for our client
01:33 another young lady was attending college
01:35 and the college had a parking lot that
01:38 led to the classrooms and at the walkway
01:41 with the parking lot there was a
01:43 depression from damage to the asphalt
01:45 there was a hole that our client stepped
01:47 in and fractured her ankle that again
01:49 was a hazardous condition that the
01:51 business owner of the school failed to
01:53 fix even though it had been there for
01:55 many years as you can see from the
01:56 waterwear of the hole we brought that
01:58 claim and settled that claim as well
02:00 without having to go to trial if you are
02:03 injured on someone else’s business or
02:05 property there are some things you can
02:06 do to protect your claim and reach
02:08 maximum value you want to seek medical
02:10 attention immediately you want to
02:13 preserve any evidence for example we
02:15 were able to bring the claim of the lady
02:16 at the bank because she had clothing
02:19 that showed stains from the wetness that
02:21 she fell into you want to take photos of
02:24 the hazardous condition because one
02:26 thing that business owners like to do is
02:27 fix things immediately to try and cover
02:29 their tracks so make sure you have your
02:32 cell phone handy and take photos or
02:33 video of that hazardous condition you
02:36 want to after the incident report now
02:38 they don’t like to give you incident
02:39 report out but at least you’re making
02:41 that claim preserve that record and we
02:43 as your attorney can come in and get
02:44 that later through litigation you want
02:47 to make sure you get names of witnesses
02:49 and phone numbers people come forward
02:51 that want to be involved in today’s they
02:52 may be they want to help
02:53 so if you see pillar trying to help ask
02:55 your loved one or whoever you’re with to
02:58 get their name and phone number so that
02:59 we can follow up as your attorney and
03:00 find out their perspective of how the
03:02 injury happened which will most likely
03:03 corroborate your story
03:05 and of course you want to see a medical
03:08 doctor as soon as possible and keep the
03:10 records ask for your records because we
03:13 want to have those records available to
03:15 about your claim as soon as possible if
03:17 you have been injured by no fault of
03:18 your own at a business on someone else’s
03:21 property
03:21 please feel free to give us a call at
03:22 the Law Offices of Robert Miller as
03:24 we’ll be very happy to speak to you
03:26 about that claim
03:27 thanks a lot for this
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