Top 10 Things to do in Auto Trucking Accidents

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00:11 hello my name is Robert Geller and I am
00:15 the founding attorney of the lofts
00:17 Robert M Geller PA and today I want to
00:20 talk to you about the top ten things you
00:23 should do if involved in an automobile
00:26 accident if you ever need an attorney
00:29 for personal injury action please
00:32 contact our firm so let’s talk about
00:34 what those top ten things are first you
00:38 should make sure that you pull your
00:41 vehicle over and try if you can to keep
00:43 your vehicle at the location it ended up
00:46 in after the accident this is important
00:48 because when the police come to the
00:51 scene it’s necessary for them to be able
00:53 to report exactly where the vehicles
00:56 ended up when and often in the case like
01:00 an automobile accident your attorneys
01:03 may need to get that information to show
01:05 who’s responsible for the accident
01:08 second thing you need to do is protect
01:11 yourself and what I mean by that is if
01:13 you’re involved in a highway accident
01:15 and you’re right on the side of the road
01:18 in that case I would suggest you move
01:20 your vehicle over where you’re safe so
01:23 that you’re not hit by another vehicle
01:26 and unfortunately sometimes those second
01:29 accidents are worse than the first
01:30 always protect yourself the next thing
01:33 that you need to do is if you can call
01:36 or necessary law enforcement and for
01:38 help if you need it for medical help
01:42 obviously we want to have law
01:44 enforcement at the scene we want to
01:45 record what happened you’re gonna need
01:48 that information in the future
01:50 the next thing that you want to do if
01:52 possible if there are witnesses at the
01:54 scene and they come up to you ask them
01:56 for their name and their phone number
01:58 get that information too often the
02:00 witnesses are willing to give you that
02:02 information but they don’t want to wait
02:04 around for law enforcement
02:07 and so it’s important that you get their
02:10 information because your action may take
02:12 many years and we may need to get to
02:14 those people down the road so it’s
02:17 important that we get their names and
02:18 their phone numbers
02:20 when police or the next thing would be
02:22 when police arrive speak to them give
02:24 them your account of what happened make
02:26 sure they get an accurate description of
02:29 the events of the accident because
02:31 they’re going to prepare a police report
02:33 and that information will be necessary
02:36 also in the future
02:37 next thing that you want to do is take
02:40 photographs take photographs of your
02:41 vehicle take photographs of the other
02:44 vehicle if there’s any debris in the
02:46 road take pictures of that if there are
02:48 any skid marks on the road you want to
02:50 take pictures of that the next thing
02:52 that you want to do after that after you
02:55 leave the scene is and if you feel you
02:57 need to go in an ambulance get immediate
03:00 medical treatment you don’t think you
03:02 need an ambulance give medical treatment
03:05 as soon as possible if you’re not
03:06 feeling well that’s really important
03:07 that you make sure that you get
03:09 necessary treatment next thing you
03:11 should do after that is report your
03:13 accident to your insurance company your
03:16 insurance policy requires that you
03:18 report your accident to them you’re in
03:22 most cases your policy will provide
03:24 necessary coverage so it’s important
03:27 that you immediately tell your insurance
03:29 company what happened so that they can
03:31 help protect you final thing I would
03:35 suggest you do is you keep all your
03:36 records in one folder so that you can
03:39 provide that to your attorney so if
03:42 you’re ever involved in an automobile
03:43 accident these are important things to
03:45 keep in mind my name is Robert Keller
03:48 and you know please contact us if you
03:50 need our services or if you’re ever
03:52 involved in an automobile accident thank
03:55 you
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