What can be done if your injured or lose a family member from a medical mistake

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00:11 hello my name is Robert Keller and I’m
00:14 an attorney in the Tampa Bay area I’ve
00:17 been helping families with personal
00:21 injury matters for over 32 years and
00:24 today I want to talk to you briefly
00:27 about what can be done if you suffer
00:31 injuries or if you lose a family member
00:34 from a medical mistake before I do that
00:39 I want to let you know that if you have
00:41 ever been if you ever been involved in a
00:44 personal injury case recently or if you
00:47 have a family member that needs
00:49 representation about a family member
00:58 alright let’s show you hello my name is
01:02 Robert Keller I’m an attorney in the
01:04 Tampa Bay area I’ve been helping
01:06 families with personal injury matters
01:09 for 32 years and today I want to talk to
01:14 you about what can be done if you suffer
01:18 injuries from a medical mistake or if
01:20 you lose a loved one from a medical
01:23 mistake before I do that I want to take
01:26 a moment and tell you that if you’re
01:28 involved in any kind of accident
01:29 personal injury dog bite anything at all
01:32 motor vehicle accidents hope that you
01:35 would reach out to our office contact us
01:38 we’d be glad to give you a free
01:39 consultation and talk to you about your
01:42 tips so let’s get back to what can be
01:45 done if you do suffer injuries from not
01:47 upon this baby you know there is a
01:50 statistic out there that says that about
01:53 ten percent of the deaths in our country
01:57 are caused by a medical mistake and what
02:01 type of medical mistakes are we talking
02:04 about we’re talking about a misdiagnosis
02:07 of a major medical problem we’re talking
02:11 about improper prescription of medical
02:16 treatment we’re talking about improper
02:19 administration of medical treatment
02:21 we’re talking about surgical areas those
02:25 are some of the examples of things that
02:28 occur that caused catastrophic injuries
02:31 or even death that you can bring a claim
02:34 for so what is generally the process for
02:39 bringing this type of claim first of all
02:42 I would encourage you that you
02:43 definitely need to reach out to a
02:45 competent attorney who’s experienced in
02:47 handling these matters they’re very
02:50 difficult they’re very expensive
02:52 but one of the first steps in this type
02:55 of case is that you must provide the
03:00 person that you’re bringing the claim
03:01 against the medical provider with a
03:03 written notice of your intent to bring a
03:06 claim you have to give them 90 days
03:08 notice
03:09 and attached to that notice you must
03:11 provide an expert affidavit who supports
03:16 your case that says that they believe
03:19 that a medical mistake was made and then
03:24 the medical provider has 90 days to
03:27 respond to that after that period of
03:29 time you can bring a lawsuit or a claim
03:32 against the medical provider for your
03:34 injuries another very important thing
03:37 about bringing this type of claim is
03:40 there’s a relatively short statute of
03:42 limitations it’s two years from the time
03:44 you knew or should have known about the
03:47 medical mistake to bring the claim so
03:50 it’s a very short period of time another
03:52 reason why you need to reach out to your
03:53 attorney
03:54 a couple of things that you should do to
03:57 help enhance the value of your case is
03:59 obviously keeping your records keeping
04:02 notes keeping your attorney informed
04:04 about the mist about the case about
04:07 everything you know just keep good notes
04:10 keep a good file these cases are handled
04:15 on a contingency fee basis which means
04:17 that generally you do not have to pay
04:21 your attorney unless you make a recovery
04:23 that’s generally how the legal fees are
04:26 handled for this type of case so if
04:28 you’re ever a victim of a serious
04:31 medical mistake or you ever lose a
04:34 family member as a result of a serious
04:36 medical mistake please feel free to
04:39 reach out to our law firm thank you
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