What can you do if your injured from a product

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00:11 hello my name is Robert Keller and I’m
00:14 an attorney in the Tampa Bay area and
00:16 today I want to discuss with you how you
00:20 can make a recovery if you’re injured
00:23 from a product and before I do that if
00:27 you are ever involved in any kind of
00:29 accident or you’re ever injured from as
00:32 a result of a product or automobile
00:35 accident or falling or anything like
00:38 that you know feel free to contact our
00:40 firm we’ll give you a free consultation
00:42 and come in to our office we can discuss
00:45 your case and we can explain to you how
00:47 we can protect you
00:49 and make sure you get a good recovery so
00:52 let’s talk about how you can recover
00:54 from being injured from a product in
00:59 Florida the law provides that if you’re
01:04 injured from a product caused by the
01:07 manufacturers design or you are injured
01:11 because there is a defect in the
01:14 manufacturing of the product you can
01:17 recover from the company that made the
01:20 product without having to show that they
01:23 were at fault this is called strict
01:25 liability as long as you can prove they
01:28 made the product and that you suffer the
01:30 injury you can recover from the
01:33 manufacturer of the product there are a
01:35 lot of products out there on the market
01:39 that are like this for example people
01:43 often bring claims for injuries from
01:48 drugs people bring claims for injuries
01:52 caused while being involved in a motor X
01:55 vehicle caused by the motor vehicle we
01:58 all know about the famous Pinto case in
02:01 which people were killed when the
02:04 gasoline tank blew up so those are kind
02:07 of examples our firm has handled
02:10 manufacturing defect cases as well
02:13 an example of one of the cases that we
02:15 worked on was a little boy who was
02:19 playing basketball and he was playing on
02:24 a basketball hoop that was adjustable
02:27 you could actually raise or lower the
02:29 height of the basketball court and the
02:32 way the manufacturer designed the
02:35 mechanism to keep the hoop up
02:37 unfortunately the whole backboard and
02:40 hoop came down and smashed him on his
02:42 head and he suffered a fracture and it
02:45 was a pretty serious injury and we were
02:48 able to bring a products liability case
02:51 against a manufacturer that’s just kind
02:53 of one example we’ve had cases also
02:55 where we brought against a manufacturer
02:58 of a chair a client sat down on a chair
03:00 the chair broke and she severely hurt
03:02 her back so that’s just kind of another
03:04 example the statute of limitations for
03:07 this type of claim is generally four
03:10 years and you can also bring a
03:14 negligence claim against the
03:15 manufacturer as well you can show that
03:16 the manufacturer failed to use
03:18 reasonable care in designing the product
03:20 so if you’re ever involved in any type
03:23 of injury or you suffer an injury or a
03:25 family member suffers an injury as a
03:27 result of a product my name is Robert
03:31 Keller please contact me we’d be glad to
03:33 speak with you about your case thank you
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