What types of damages can I recover for a personal injury case

Hello my name is Robert Geller and I am
00:15 an attorney in Tampa Bay and today I
00:17 want to speak about what types of
00:21 damages you can recover if you're
00:24 involved in a personal injury case
00:26 before I do that I just want to let you
00:29 know that if you're ever involved in any
00:31 kind of accident case or injury case
00:33 you're welcome to contact our firm for a
00:37 free consultation and we will meet with
00:40 you and discuss your case so let's talk
00:44 about what you can recover if you're
00:46 involved and are injured in an accident
00:48 well let's first start off with
00:51 automobile accidents because they're a
00:53 little bit different than other
00:55 accidents with regard to an automobile
00:58 accident Florida law governs what types
01:01 of damages you can recover so with
01:04 regard to an automobile accident
01:06 you can only recover your wage lost your
01:12 medical bills any out-of-pocket expenses
01:15 of course damage to your property if you
01:20 are not permanently injured or if you
01:25 have not suffered any disfigurement and
01:28 you can only recover those elements from
01:32 your own insurance company in other
01:33 words if you do not separate permanent
01:36 injury and you do not suffer permanent
01:38 disfigurement you cannot recover for
01:42 future medical expenses you cannot
01:45 recover for future wage loss you cannot
01:49 recover a pain and suffering you cannot
01:51 recover for loss of the ability to lead
01:53 a normal life so you are very limited
01:57 unless you have a permanent injury so
02:00 assuming that you have a permanent
02:03 injury from an automobile accident or if
02:06 you're involved in pretty much any other
02:08 type of accident whether it's a you're
02:11 injured from a dog bite or you're
02:13 injured
02:13 when you slip and fall or you're injured
02:17 as a result of a criminal attack at a
02:21 business or any other type of injury you
02:26 can always recover your past medical
02:29 expenses you can recover your pathways
02:32 loss you can always recover your future
02:35 medical expenses your future wage loss
02:37 and you can always recover any pain and
02:41 suffering you can always recover loss of
02:44 the ability to lead a normal life
02:47 and so those damages are always
02:49 available for you whether you have a
02:52 permanent injury or not so those are the
02:56 types of damages sometimes if a person
03:00 causes you injuries and if they do it
03:03 with malice in other words they
03:06 intentionally do it then you also in
03:08 addition to what we call compensatory
03:10 damages then you may also be able to
03:13 recover what's called punitive damages
03:15 and punitive damages are there to
03:18 theoretically punish the person for
03:21 doing something that they intentionally
03:23 caused upon you or they're available if
03:26 somebody acts with complete disregard
03:29 for your life or your safety sometimes
03:31 your can also recover punitive damages
03:34 so if you're ever involved in an
03:38 accident and you need representation
03:41 please contact our law firm and we'd be
03:44 glad to help you recover the damages
03:47 that you're entitled to thank you.

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