Why you need to hire an attorney immediately after a trucking accident

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00:11 hello my name is Robert Geller and I am
00:14 an attorney in the Tampa Bay area we've
00:16 been practicing law for over 30 years
00:19 handling personal injury cases and today
00:22 I want to speak to you about why it is
00:26 absolutely important that you hire an
00:29 attorney immediately after being
00:31 involved in a trucking accident before I
00:34 do that however if you ever need an
00:36 attorney for any reason any personal
00:38 injury accident and the automobile
00:40 accident anything feel free to contact
00:43 me we'll offer you a free consultation
00:45 you can come right in and talk to us
00:47 about your case and we'll give you legal
00:49 advice okay
00:51 so let's talk about why it's important
00:52 to contact an attorney immediately after
00:55 being involved in trucking accident
00:58 trucking accidents are really a very
01:01 specialized field of law because with
01:06 trucks they have computer systems in
01:09 them that actually monitor everything
01:11 that goes on in a truck it monitors how
01:14 fast the truck is driving how fast the
01:16 truck is stopping which is very
01:18 important with trucking accidents there
01:22 are regulations by the Department of
01:26 Transportation where drivers have to
01:28 keep logs of how long they were driving
01:30 how long they were stopping and so
01:32 getting this information from the
01:35 computers of the trucks or getting the
01:37 logs immediately after an accident can
01:40 be crucial in you being successful in
01:43 making a recovery for your accident and
01:47 so today I want to kind of talk to you
01:49 about one example of a case that our law
01:52 firm recently handled we handled the
01:55 case where we had a client on driving
01:59 north on i-75 just north of Ocala and
02:03 somehow a tractor-trailer came from the
02:09 rear of our client
02:11 drove our client off of the highway his
02:14 vehicle flipped three times he was
02:17 driving the vehicle his uncle was in
02:19 passenger and the vehicle flipped three
02:22 times
02:23 unfortunately my client was accused of
02:28 stopping dead right on the road in other
02:32 words they said that he stopped in the
02:33 middle of the highway didn't pull over
02:35 wasn't driving slowly they said he just
02:38 for some unknown reason stopped on the
02:40 highway so fortunately we were able to
02:44 get the computer system out of the
02:48 tractor trailer that drove our client
02:50 off the road and we were able to get out
02:53 of our clients car the computer system
02:57 and we were able to show that in fact
03:00 that's not what they said my client did
03:03 was not true the computer system showed
03:06 that the tractor-trailer did not at all
03:10 try and stop before it impacted my
03:13 clients car and in fact the
03:15 tractor-trailer was going over 70 miles
03:17 an hour and my clients vehicle from my
03:20 clients computer was going about 40 to
03:23 50 miles an hour so we were able to
03:25 prove that my client did not stop off
03:28 the highway and we were very successful
03:30 for our client and and unfortunately for
03:33 my client and his uncle they both
03:35 suffered serious injuries and had we not
03:38 been able to get the evidence of the
03:41 computers of those vehicles we would
03:44 have not been able to show that my
03:46 client in fact did not stop on the
03:48 highway so if you're ever involved in
03:50 any kind of trucking accident it's
03:52 absolutely critical that you contact an
03:55 attorney and hopefully you would contact
03:57 our law office about helping you with
04:00 that type of accident.

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